Holding back the tears.

When life gets hard how do you deal with the pain? Do you hide all your feelings and keep to yourself? I personally have never been the best at expressing how I feel, and lately it has gotten even harder to talk to people about my pain. I have had a very long absence from… Continue reading Holding back the tears.

Sorry for the Absence.

I am currently dealing with a family emergency so unfortunately I cannot be as active with my blog or social media sites. I will try to get back in the groove soon, but right now please know that I am still here and I still have so much more to say. I still have much… Continue reading Sorry for the Absence.

Parenting Never Gets Easier…We Just Become more BADASS!

=----- I don't care who you are or how many kids you have raised. You and I both know that shit was not easy! You may miss them and now they are all grown and off doing their own thing, but do you really want to go back and do it again? I know I… Continue reading Parenting Never Gets Easier…We Just Become more BADASS!

8 Tricks To Make Summer Easier With Your Children Home.

So for some summer means that there is no quick time to get anything done, because your kids no longer have class. Well I am a mother of four and while my youngest is not school aged yet I still use that time to do all of my errands! So if summer comes and I… Continue reading 8 Tricks To Make Summer Easier With Your Children Home.

When Parents Compete

It is inevitable to be put in a position of wondering what you are doing wrong as a parent. In todays society parenting has become more of a competition than a common ground! Parents are competing about everything from, when their child started walking, to their education level! Seriously people lets take a step back… Continue reading When Parents Compete

Stop Dreaming, and Start Living!

I have been thoroughly researching every little step about starting and succeeding at opening my Etsy shop, but then it hit me! Just like having kids every shop is different, and every persons success happens differently! So why am I wasting my time researching and not more time on products! So my hubby was awesome… Continue reading Stop Dreaming, and Start Living!

Mompreneuring Is On The Rise!

Do you have what it takes to step out of your comfort zone and make it in the Mompreneuring community? I started blogging last summer and it all started as a way to spend my time and help other mothers who just need a little assurance that they are doing an amazing job. This post… Continue reading Mompreneuring Is On The Rise!