Understanding a Child with Anxiety!

Does you son/daughter become very shy around company? Do you find them wanting to stay home a lot? Do they have a tummy ache every time you try to leave the house or get ready for bed? Chances are you child is suffering from a bit of anxiety. It can be hard to identify at… Continue reading Understanding a Child with Anxiety!

A Photo Worth A Million Shares

Are you a photo fanatic? When it comes to taking photos you can never take too many! Just keep on clicking and don't forget to hand over the camera and join in on the memories being captured. As my readers now know I recently lost the love of my life and everyday I pull up… Continue reading A Photo Worth A Million Shares

Parenting Is Not A Competition!

Parenting done right is impossible now a days. I am sorry, but everyone needs to take a step down from their pedestals and stop judging others. We live in a society that is so damn judgmental, and for what? Does it really help make you better about yourself, because you feed your child all organic… Continue reading Parenting Is Not A Competition!

My Letter to a Young Widow

Dear Young Widow, No matter what you do the pain is overwhelming. No matter how busy you try to stay there will be a pause, and you will break. No matter how hard you try you cannot change what has happened. No matter how long they have been gone it will feel like yesterday, yet… Continue reading My Letter to a Young Widow

New Mom Advice From An Experienced Parent

When you become a parent it can be a wild and scary ride! While you are pregnant everything is so surreal, but then as you near the end and are waiting to meet your little one you can often get overwhelmed with questions! Now everyone has advice and they say to ignore it, but that… Continue reading New Mom Advice From An Experienced Parent

A Message to All Moms

How do you start your day as a mother? Are you up and drinking coffee when your children awake? Are you woken up by your children? Which ever morning routine is yours you are amazing. No matter your daily routine always know that you are amazing for every little thing you do or at least… Continue reading A Message to All Moms

Holding back the tears.

When life gets hard how do you deal with the pain? Do you hide all your feelings and keep to yourself? I personally have never been the best at expressing how I feel, and lately it has gotten even harder to talk to people about my pain. I have had a very long absence from… Continue reading Holding back the tears.