A Photo Worth A Million Shares

Are you a photo fanatic? When it comes to taking photos you can never take too many! Just keep on clicking and don’t forget to hand over the camera and join in on the memories being captured. As my readers now know I recently lost the love of my life and everyday I pull up photos of him. I look and I feel a heavy heart, but at the same time I am so grateful that I took all those photos. With every photo comes a story. There is a memory connected to every photo I captured, but I never realized that his photos would mean so much.

He was an amazing father, as well as husband. Of course he meant a lot to many other family and friends, but to us he was so much more. He was our protector, Doctor (he usually fixed the boo boos), our leader, our provider, and one of the best friends me or my children will have ever had. He always knew just what to say and how to say it. Now that we can not physically see him or hug him we treasure every photo and possession.

It is just a photo of a guy to you, but to us it is a photo worth a million shares.

I have thousands of photos from all of our adventures in life and wow am I glad I took them. One day they will be passed to my children and I hope they mean as much to them as they do to me. I took them for them to carry with them through life. For them to look back and remember when… Every photo has a memory of a day, or a person, or maybe a special event. The memories become more precious and memorable as times go on.

With todays technology it is not just a box of old photos that could get ruined or lost. There are so many ways to store and back up photos to assure that they will live on. For that I am so grateful! I treasure my photos and knowing that they are always there when I need a little smile.

photo of a girl playing with the camera
Photo by Kha Ruxury on Pexels.com

So take a moment from you day and take a photo!

Now go back and find a photo that means the world to you. I know its hard to pick just one but give it a go. Now print it or share it and label it “worth a million shares”. It may never see that and you may be the only one to share, but that doesn’t make it any less special. That doesn’t mean that it is just a still image. It is a precious memory and treasure to you and should be treated as such.

Don’t stop there and don’t ever forget that it only takes a second to grab that cell phone and take a snapshot. Keep capturing every moment you can, because you can never run out of memories. Memories happen every moment of everyday and you have already missed so many sitting here reading this post!!

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