Parenting Is Not A Competition!

Parenting done right is impossible now a days. I am sorry, but everyone needs to take a step down from their pedestals and stop judging others. We live in a society that is so damn judgmental, and for what? Does it really help make you better about yourself, because you feed your child all organic crap, or that you successful at breastfeeding! Guess what as long as your child is alive and you are feeding them it shouldn’t matter! Sometimes as a parent we have to do what we are capable of, and not what society tells us to do.

It shouldn’t matter whether you are spending all your time doing fun crafty stuff, or that you strictly homeschool. If you are doing what needs to be done to make sure your child is taken care of it shouldn’t matter if they have to attend public school, and by the time you are all together you are so tired all you can do is lay on the couch and watch a movie! If you just want to catch your bearings so you let them play some video games then go right ahead.

I have seen and heard it over and over again!! Parents judging other parents over the most petty crap. Stop being such a shitty person. I am tired of  people saying staying at home is better, or only working moms know the real struggle!! Guess what I believe that all moms know the struggle and not one has it harder than the other I am sorry! Now life in general may be harder for some, but as far as parenting that child was your making and you as a parent, are their teacher.

Just because society says they need medication or counseling doesn’t mean anything. You should know what your child needs and if you don’t then you are doing something wrong!! Now that wrong thing is not you or your child it is you listening to society!! It is you letting those do good-er parents get into your head and make you think you have a brat child.

All children go through phases! It is part of brain development, and guess what even Susie perfect with the angel kids, at some point has brat children. She just hides it better than you and your child. Some may portray the perfect little family with the perfect little children, but don’t you believe it for one second. If you do believe it then you are gullible and your children along with society are going to eat you alive…lol.

So stop giving into the bullying of parenting. It is wrong on so many levels, and I just can’t take it anymore. You are better than this and if you are not then you may look forward to you child being the same way. They learn from us and with all this happening what do you think they are going to be like when they grow up. The vicious cycle will continue and it will spiral out of control.

Before you know it parents won’t even be able to care for their own children. They will be sending them off to boarding schools, because that is the only way society will ever accept them. The parents that can’t afford it will lose custody of their children and be charged with neglect or something, because society won’t want to put up with their rebellious actions or children!

Let us make a difference to just one parent the next time you are out. Comment on a moms demeanor with her children, or just give her a smile and a nod. Next time you see dad out with the kids give him a friendly wave and a smile. Bring parents together and start helping each other rather than criticizing each other!

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