New Mom Advice From An Experienced Parent

When you become a parent it can be a wild and scary ride! While you are pregnant everything is so surreal, but then as you near the end and are waiting to meet your little one you can often get overwhelmed with questions! Now everyone has advice and they say to ignore it, but that is not the case! Soak it all in! Now what works for one will not always work for you, but the advice of many is helpful in giving you options to try and find what will work for your newly growing family. You are the one that will be caring for your little one and they expect so much from you, but don’t ever forget that you are only human.

Your baby will cry, get fussy, and it will not be easy! Just remember to take a breath and take Parenting one day at a time! You will get there I promise. It is a long hard, dirty, stressful, overwhelming road, but you will not be on it alone! You will have your family there helping you, even when you feel alone in it always remember that that little one is looking to you for guidance and care. Parenting is trial and error so find what works best for both, or all of you. In time parenting will come as a natural reaction like tying your shoes.

I see posts and blogs everywhere that tell you they have a trick to parenting, and I would just like to remind you that they are sharing their experience to help you. It does not mean that if you do everything they say your child will be perfect and potty trained in days! It is information from on parent that they have found something that has worked for them! Which is amazing for them, but always know that parenting is a learning experience, and there is much research to do to get to where you would like to be.

So with that in mind momma take a deep breath and take it one day at a time. When you are nearing delivery day, don’t think about how scary it can be, or about the horrible birthing stories you have read or heard. Instead think of what you are going to dress baby in for their first photo debut, or even about what the two of you are going to do when you get home. Maybe you will go home and sleep the next few days away together, or maybe you have family coming to meet the newest addition to the family.

No one especially me would ever tell you it is easy, but it will become natural and you will be just fine momma. It doesn’t matter what society says about how you should breastfeed and use cloth diapers, guess what you just do what works for you. Breastfeeding is not for everyone and there is nothing wrong with supplementing as long as baby is happy and full. Cloth diapering is also not for everyone, and I was not successful after two attempts to do so, and guess what my children are still alive afterwards. I attempted breastfeeding with all four of my children and was only successful with my last one! So find your happy medium and don’t worry about what society says you should do! Half of those with an opinion don’t even have a child of their own!

We all have our own way and this is my tribute to you and my good luck wish for you to find yours!

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