A Message to All Moms

How do you start your day as a mother? Are you up and drinking coffee when your children awake? Are you woken up by your children? Which ever morning routine is yours you are amazing. No matter your daily routine always know that you are amazing for every little thing you do or at least think about doing for your children during the day. They appreciate you more than you know.

I would just like to say that you are doing everything right even when you think that you are not! You are raising a little being and that is no easy task to take on. When you are pregnant you always imagine what it will be like and what kind of mom you are going to become. No matter what it is that you have in mind, it never works out the way you want; but that does not by any means mean that you are doing anything wrong.

All kids throw tantrums, all kids talk back, and all kids have their moments. Some more than others but done fret it is completely fine. It is all a part of a bigger challenge (meaning the teen years). As your children grow there are different phases and guess what no two children will go through those phases at the same time nor at the same intensity. So just get you head back up and give it all another go.

Ignore that snooty old nobody in the corner rolling their eyes at everything you are doing. Overlook all of the rude comments that people make about your parenting, because guess what? YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR! Even when others are busy passing judgement, that little tike is looking at you like you are GOD. They go to you when they are hurting and they go to you when they need something.

Next time you have a bad encounter with a judgmental being, just look the other way. Chances are you missed the mom who is smiling and nodding her head, giving you the good old mom salute. Oh you didn’t see her, well thats because we are for some reason quicker to notice the negative in life and often overlook the positive. It is sad really, but we all do it and we really need to open our eyes to all of what is around us.

There will come a day when your children look back and realize, WOW I was an asshole. Then one day they have their own little mini me, and you will get to sit back and laugh as they struggle through the joys of being someone’s parent. Now that sounds like a dream right? Pay back by a tiny human you will get to spoil rotten and make sure they do all the same things their parents did as children!! LOL

So keep your head up momma and do whatever it is that makes you you. Don’t ever listen to the judgy, overly organized, safe moms. They are only like that for show, at home they are a total mess; and if they are not chances are their kids spends a lot of time away from them. It is a sad world for a child and that is why you should keep your nose higher than theirs. Being a SAHM is not lazy; it is the best thing for your children. One day your will see what I mean!

I unfortunately may not be a SAHM much longer after my loss, but I know that this was the toughest job ever. On the other hand it has also been one of the most rewarding. My children are amazing people and we have so many memories together since I have been able to spend everyday with them. I have been able to watch them grown, and have had the privilege of raising them in a manner that we wanted to as parents. I am so proud of them, and I love to show them off; because they are pretty damn amazing!

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