Parenting Never Gets Easier…We Just Become more BADASS!

Parenting never gets=—–

I don’t care who you are or how many kids you have raised. You and I both know that shit was not easy! You may miss them and now they are all grown and off doing their own thing, but do you really want to go back and do it again? I know I am firm believer in knowing that one day I will miss them being little and interrupting everything I do! But seriously do not make me start over. This parenting game has been 9 years in the making for me and I have become fairly good at it. I have learned the tricks of how to make my children do what needs to be done!

I have mastered it…lol No I haven’t, but I have become pretty damn good! Some days are better than others, but the ultimate win right now for me is my kids are amazing in public. I pre plan shopping days like OCD style. I skip nap time the day before, put them to bed early, then wake them earlier the day of shopping, feed them a big breakfast, and the little ones get to rest or nap. After that we are good to go shopping and we bring a small cooler full of drinks and snack so no one gets hangry!

If for any reason I had to go back, please let me know what I know now so I can do better from beginning to end! Just kidding what fun is perfection in parenting. Kids need a fun loving relationship, not a strict awkward one. On a serious note though I think people miss read the concept that one day we will miss it! They do not comprehend that we are emotional from the journey we have had with our children! We will miss them, but we will not go back and you cannot make us!


I need this parenting game to keep moving forward! I need my children to get to an age of having friends and needing to be cool! I need to pay them back for all the embarrassing moments out shopping, for all sleepless nights, and most of all for all the stalking! I am going to stalk my children as they have done to me for years. They are going to be out with friend and I am going to invade their space and ask them a stupid question, like the ones the would ask after breaking down the bathroom door one me!

So I may sound like a total nut case, but seriously I do miss when they were small and I will always miss it, but I do not want to go back. My children are becoming independent and it makes me sad that one day they won’t need me to do every little thing for them; but when you really think about it they will always need you and your amazing advice! One day they will be raising your grand children and they will appreciate you more than you could ever know!

I think for me that it will be the ultimate victory when they realize how hard it is to be a parent! Then they will praise you for being so amazing and that right there will melt my heart! I know right now it seems so out of reach, but I seriously cannot wait until the day that my babies go out and become their own selves! I cannot wait to see who and what they become.


14 thoughts on “Parenting Never Gets Easier…We Just Become more BADASS!”

  1. This is so true. I used to think “once my girls can do this” then this will be easier. But there is something new. So I learned to embrace it all and yes, become super mom!


  2. I completely agreee with you that parenting gets easier as you go especially on the 2nd one. However my kiddo is soon going to be a tween so puberty is coming up and I’m not looking forward to it!

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  3. I was literally just having this same conversation with a mom of two older girls yesterday. I was telling her how I feel like a new curve ball is always being throw ln my way and she said that’s what parenting is, it’s never the same and never gets easier.


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