8 Tricks To Make Summer Easier With Your Children Home.

Summer Tricks

So for some summer means that there is no quick time to get anything done, because your kids no longer have class. Well I am a mother of four and while my youngest is not school aged yet I still use that time to do all of my errands! So if summer comes and I have them all, all the time what do I do now? How will I ever get anything done, and who is going to do the grocery shopping.

Well I have laid it all out in an amazing 10 step plan for all of you. You will be just fine and your summer will be amazing if you follow all of these steps. I know that no one thing works for everyone, but seriously you have to start somewhere so why not take it from a mom that is afraid for every school year to end…lol I am kidding, but life does get pretty crazy with all those bodies all the time. Don’t even get me started on how exhausting it can be.

Make a Daily Schedule.

I know that a daily schedule can be a pain, and I do not mean that you have to schedule every hour of everyday and follow it religiously. No what I mean is when you get up talk over breakfast and include the kids in planning out your day. Ask them what they would like to do and make sure to get all of their opinions. They could have the answer to the best day ever!

Another great Idea that I would like to try myself as I have not yet is writing down options for things that you could do and let each kid choose on and order them oldest to youngest. You never know it might get interesting and you may just have a little fun!


Take a Break and Make Memories.

One thing I tend to forget to do is to stop and just soak up some loves. Sometimes we all just need a little break and the best way to get it is together. Get everyone together for a movie or a story and just enjoy. Get a big blanket put the air conditioner on high so everyone gets a chill! They will all get close and cuddled up. Who knows you might even get to sneak in a nap!

Plan an adventure and make them work for it.

Plan a Monthly adventure or even a weekly adventure if you have that ability. Make at least on really big one monthly and encourage them to earn it. Now some of the best adventures are close to home, and don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Even a trip to your local park or museum can be a ton of fun. Luckily we personally have a local children museum that is not far away and my children have so much fun there.

Usually during the summer we do take adventures to the park as well and you can also do that at little or no cost to you! I like to pack lunches and drinks with what we have at home, which cuts the cost way down. Now gas is a cost that can also be a bummer, but if you are luck enough to have a spot in walking distance then boom you just had a free adventure, that your children will love so much!

Get a pool and make it their responsibility.

Now in the heat it is often hard to go far or long with little ones, so when the kids are smaller we like to have a pool or two. The kids love to play and swim, and I love being at home so if baby needs a nap he can nap comfortably while his sisters continue to enjoy the outdoors.

Pools are a lot of work and for a long time I was the only one not swimming, because I was always doing the maintenance. Well now that they are getting older I have shown them how to clean and switch the filters as well as clean the debris out of the pool. So now I just have to check that they are doing their job and I have more time to play with them.


Find fun activities and experiments to try out.

In todays society there are so many great sites to find fun activities and kids science experiments. So get on Pinterest and find an activity you can do with them with things your have around the house. If you do not have what you need utilize the dollar store! So many great fun can be had with just a few dollars!

I personally like to have a craft ready ahead of time and plan it out ahead of time, it just makes it easier. Although there are times that we spontaneously find something we want to try and we have to make a last minute trip for supplies. Either way there is great fun to be had, and memories to be made.

Give them jobs to earn money.

My children are obsessed with our local book store. So they like to earn money so they can have an adventure to go and purchase new books and toys. The best part is they spend their own money so I just have to pay for gas (well dad does…lol). It is a ton of fun watching them go shopping for themselves, and the best part is their books and stuff last longer when they buy it for themselves.

Pre-make snacks and lunches that they can grab by themselves

In the summer we like to keep the house cool and clean since we are out in the heat so much. So I hate having to make everyone stop their fun so we can go in and cook or clean. Instead during the summer I like to have remade lunches or at least grab and go goodies that the kids can run in and grab when they are hungry. It makes life so much easier in the summer you have no idea!!

So go get some pouch veggie and fruits, go-gurts, string cheese, small bags of chips, and them just make some bagged sandwiches (PB and J, Nutella, PB and Honey). You will thank yourself later, and don’t forget to restock regularly!

Remember their are only this small once

Now the most important part that will make the summer your favorite is the thought that one day they will be too cool for you. One day they will not spend any summer days or nights with you. Their friends will become their life and their family will be put in the dark. We can only keep them by our sides for so long, and though it may drive us crazy! One day will will wish for just one more day!

With that being said Have an amazing summer everyone and don’t forget your sunscreen!!

8 thoughts on “8 Tricks To Make Summer Easier With Your Children Home.”

  1. My son is only 18 months now so I don’t dread summer just yet, but these tips will be super helpful when he gets older! And if there are any more little ones running around in a couple of years LOL

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