When Parents Compete

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It is inevitable to be put in a position of wondering what you are doing wrong as a parent. In todays society parenting has become more of a competition than a common ground! Parents are competing about everything from, when their child started walking, to their education level! Seriously people lets take a step back and really look at how ridiculous this all is.

We are all trying so hard to be the perfect parent with the perfect children, and somewhere along the line we forgot the most important thing about parenting…to enjoy your time with them! Yeah my daughter has straight A’s and is way smarter than yours who is the same age, but your child is super athletic and more outgoing. So instead of putting one another down why don’t we offer some pointers or play dates. Oh yeah thats right I am too busy making my daughter do extra work at home so she stays smarter, and you are too busy making your daughter participate in every extra-curricular activity offered to her.

We chose different parenting paths and now we have made it a war! Instead of finding that common ground and showing our children the proper way we are showing them the flame we have lit. We are showing them that everything is a competition and that is just how life has to be! Then in turn we are telling them the exact opposite. We are telling them to treat everyone equally and we are telling them to not judge one another. Yet here we are!

I know whether you read this or not that this post may not change anyones way of parenting, but I hope it gets your wheels turning and you can see what I am talking about. I just do not understand why it has to be such a battle when it comes to parenting. You took ten seconds out of your day to take a selfie with your son outside to make it look like you were out adventuring, but in reality, it was a step out your back door and after that overly fake smile, click moment over.


I know we all know who I am talking about, the social media mom. Who we all know spends no time with her kids, because she is so stuck on social media she has no time for them. I am sorry but I have met so many amazing women blogging and they manage it all. I for one am still figuring it all out so that is why I do not post as often as I would like. So why can’t we all find a common ground, and stop portraying to the world that we are perfect.

Instead we look down on the mom who does not have the time and energy to get up and get herself ready! We would rather make sure that the mom with the worst mom belly feels like a cow, while the other freaks of nature lose their belly overnight! Did you know that mom in a bun with her pajamas and coffee cup are better than you? Did you know that they are the perfect parent?

They would put themselves last and look like crazy people in public to make sure their babies are ready for their day. Instead of taking an hour to get herself fixed up she spent it sitting at the breakfast table with her children. Instead of curling her hair, she was able to share knock-knock jokes, and laugh with her children. Most importantly instead of taking even one second to care about what anyone else thought, she got told she was beautiful by the most important little people in her life and that was more than enough!



11 thoughts on “When Parents Compete”

  1. On those rough days when you hop on Facebook and see everyone else seems to have there ducks in a row it can be very frustrating! Good to take a step back and change your thinking and attitude. 🙂


  2. Community over competition! That is what it is all about! Also quality time with your kids should ALWAYS OUTWIN social media time. Social media is fun, but we should have it remain fun, than something that takes over our lives. Thank you for this reminder!


  3. Being a blogging mama takes a lot of time investment and it can be really difficult to manage. I work at my pace even though sometimes it takes me weeks to get a blog post up. I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 young children & it’s not easy, but my family comes first. Not all practices in the social media world are good examples to follow & I just do what works for me. I encourage others to do the same.


  4. Parents tend to do this way too much. Kids obviously remember the little things and not everything you didn’t do instead.


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