Stop Dreaming, and Start Living!

Stop Dreaming Pin.jpg

I have been thoroughly researching every little step about starting and succeeding at opening my Etsy shop, but then it hit me! Just like having kids every shop is different, and every persons success happens differently! So why am I wasting my time researching and not more time on products! So my hubby was awesome and invested in my shop by buying me my very first cricut, but the only problem is that now I am in a slump! I am spending so much time worrying about doing every little step right that I have gotten nothing done.

My blog is lacking as well as my shop! So today is a turning point for this momma. I am done with research and I am turning this all into a first hand learning experience! I am in a trial and error phase right now, and so far it is hard and I want to give up, but that is not an option! I have found a whole new motivation in my own success, not only for me and my self-esteem, but also for my family and to show them what this momma is made of!

I have been attending school for the past 6 years working towards my BA in Accounting and Business Management, and it hit me that why would I use all this knowledge and experience to make someone else money! Why don’t I start my own business! Now that is a thought, right? I have learned tips and tricks used by all companies from marketing to packaging, to help sales stay steady! So now I am taking what I have learned and putting it into use for myself!

I am not saying that this is going to be a walk in the park and to watch for me to become famous or anything, because there is a chance that this may not be successful. Guess what, I am okay with that! As I mentioned above I am a student and I am 3 semesters away from graduating! So I have a back up plan if I do not find success! The hardest question most entrepreneurs have to ask is how long will it take to find success? The answer is…you will never know until you start! You won’t know anything until you take that first leap!

There are so many stories you can read about success, and so many businesses that are willing to share their secrets! But I think we often get lost in the dream that it is going to work for us! We need to keep in mind that their success is not our success! They are sharing an experience to give you an idea of what worked for them. Think of it as potty training your toddler. What works for not parent will not always work for you, but putting it all into perspective you can find a happy medium.

So with that in mind get out there momma and live you dream! If you don’t start you will never know what you are capable of!


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