Mompreneuring Is On The Rise!


Do you have what it takes to step out of your comfort zone and make it in the Mompreneuring community? I started blogging last summer and it all started as a way to spend my time and help other mothers who just need a little assurance that they are doing an amazing job. This post is my shout out to all those mommas that are getting out of their shells and making life interest.

Check out some successful mompreneurs HERE. Check out their stories, businesses, and give them a shout out. It is not easy writing a blog and stay on top of it, but they are kicking ass and taking names. Not only are they blogging, but they are running businesses while still managing time with their family.

I recently decided it was time to get out of my shell and I launched my etsy shop Ran’s Design Studio! I have wanted to do so for years and I always read about others opening these amazing shops! I love art, and have always been interested in sharing my talent with others, but never did! Well that is all changing.

My shop is far from full, but it has been a rough start having to redo my entire website, due to technical difficulties. I have been designing like crazy and will be adding many more digital printable designs and I will also be soon adding physical Home Decor products! It is so exciting and I cannot wait to see how everything works out. I do not expect to build no empire and I just want to share my journey as I go and hopefully help more of you come out of that comfort zone and do something for you!

We spend so much time taking care of everyone and everything else, that we forget what is most important. We forget what makes us happy and we forget to take care of mom! Well it is your time to shine and make things happen for you. Now that doesn’t mean that my story will be your success story, or that all those free e-classes have the answer! It means that it is there to help with inspiration, and not to give you all the answers.

It is an adventure, and it is one that has to be started in order to be successful. You will never know what you are capable of if until get out and TRY! Good luck to all those enduring their dreams. Thank you for reading and I cannot wait to continue sharing my story of getting up and getting out of my comfort zone!












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