Grand Opening of My Etsy Shop!

Grand Opening.jpg

So incase anyone was wondering what the design studio add was to my logo. I have been building up some fun new printable designs as well as working on making my own computer graphics and clip art! I have always had a passion for design and art, but have lost touch with all of that the past few year being a mother and going to school. I am currently studying accounting and business management, but I figured I would give a design studio a try.

I have been offering some free printable’s on my site, and it has been a long rocky start, but I have decided to take my more complicated designs and offer them on Etsy with my own shop. I have read a lot about having an Etsy shop and how to make it successful, but I decided to just dive in and get started. Too much research may not be the best bet and I do not want to psych myself out!

I do not expect to sell out in my first few months or anything and I will be starting small, but I hope you will check it out! Even if you do not purchase anything I would love feedback! Good or bad I will take it with stride and it will really help me out. I have never done anything like this, and never really thought about doing it; but I figured what is the worst that could happen?

As I get more works built up my shop will expand and I hope to work into more physical products and exclusive product as well. That is all going to be coming along after I give a trial run with my digital products. Please, Please, Please, do not hesitate to connect with me through email or what have you and let me know what you think!! Thank you to all of my readers and I cannot wait to get things up and running for everyone to see and share!

All of my readers have been amazing and supportive so I hope that I can work up a cliental with my digital are to help support me with my newest adventure in the life of being a busy stay at home mom! You guys are all awesome!!!!

I hope you will come on over and take a quick peek at at Ran’s Design Studio!!!


10 thoughts on “Grand Opening of My Etsy Shop!”

  1. You go, Maranda! I have thought about selling on Etsy, but have not pursued it yet. You have a great start! I especially like the take off your coat and stay awhile and the little man cave printables. The little man cave is super cute! Best of luck on your new endeavor!

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