Moms Are Overqualified

So where on the resume do we put our Stay-at-Home mom skills? Let’s see I am a tutor, cook, cleaner, organizer, taxi, a nurse, etc. Okay so that is just the short list, but seriously if I put that on there will it matter! I don’t think employers really realize the actual skills and organization you really have from being a stay at home mother.

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I must say that before being a stay at home mother I never knew how damn tired I would be all the time. I never realized the time it takes to really keep the household up to par. If I was to hire a nanny, maid, and a personal assistant; they may just scrape the surface of the tasks I get done in a day.

Oh and on another weird note do any other moms think it is crazy how much crap you can carry in one trip from the car after having children? Before kids it took me three or four trips to bring all my crap in the house from shopping, but now that is not the case. I have a whole new perspective on mathematics! I can now carry an infant seat, hold the hand of a toddler and carry it all in one shot! Seriously is it just me?

If society was not so blinded by the image of a stay at home mother being a lazy bum that sits at home all day then maybe, just maybe they would see what is done in one day. They really don’t even need to look at a whole day. Most moms stay at home or working moms can get more done in just a couple hours than most people can in a whole day.

So now lets also bring up the fact that we would be the best customer service representatives. I mean seriously we argue with little mouthy toddlers all day, and the older they get the more opinions they have. With those opinions comes non-stop rebellion. So correct me if I am wrong, but if I can win a battle with them and make them happy; then there is no unhappy customer that I could not handle!

So why do we not get a degree, or a section on a resume? I think every mother and stay at home father deserves a little more recognition for what she does. Do you know how many certificates and all that a daycare provider has to have just to have our children during the day? Where is ours? I always hear people say “well you chose to have then” and my response is yes I sure did, and don’t piss me off, because these little humans are your future.

If we do not do a good job raising them and teaching them to be model citizens, then say good bye to the future! LOL! On a lighter note I just want all you stay at home parents to know that you are amazing and you deserve every thank you, hug, kiss, and cute little drawing you get! What you do is so much more than you realize and this is my tribute to your awesomeness!

11 thoughts on “Moms Are Overqualified”

  1. I totally agree! Stay at home moms must be the most under-rated, unacknowledged and unappreciated role there is. Our society simply doesn’t recognize the important role moms play in the work that they do to bring up our future generation. There should be more acknowledgement of the skills you have to develop to do this successfully – skills that easily translate to many actual paying jobs. Moms deserve so much more than they get.


  2. I totally put stay at home mom on my resume & listed my qualifications, why the heck not!? We do a LOT & definitely strengthen/obtain a lot of skills useful to an employer & so I present it as such 🙂


  3. I totally applied at Target last year and I stressed to them in my interview that all of the sections they were quizzing me on could be answered with…I’m a stay at home mom…I would crush this job. I got hired! LOL but I ended up not taking it…I wasn’t ready to miss the evenings with my boys! I fully plan to use these skills on resumes when I get back out there. People need to recognize!

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  4. GOSH! SO TRUE! I don’t know how moms can manage everything actually, and I only have ONE Kid! It’s very tough to keep everything together. My son is so attached to me and every time I do something, he’s always there and wants to be carried. Even when I use the restroom haha. But I love my baby. Love this post!


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    1. Life has happened to my family. I have shared why I have not been online via the blogs Facebook page. Thank you for the advice and for your reads. I will be back soon and will do my best to be more frequent


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