Welcome to my new site.


As time goes on I am going to try to sort through my previous posts and also add them to my new site, but I am a busy momma lately so no promises that it will happen soon. I recently had some mishaps with my old host so here I am giving a try with WordPress, and so far so good! I love the platform and all of the amazing features. I look forward to learning more about it.

So for most of my previous readers you are familiar with me, but for those of you that are new readers. I am Maranda AKA Ran, and I am a Stay-At-Home mother of four. I like to think that I have the most amazing family ever, but then the inevitable happens and they all get on my nerves…lol In the end they really are amazing and I would not trade any of them for anything.


I have come very familiar with other bloggers and as a mother reading or watching I feel their pain and need for a break. Then when I think about it from a different point of view we all look like miserable, ungrateful people. Not to mention we look like horrible parents! I am not saying we are, but as parenting blogger this is our outlet; and for some it is even like therapy. We have to get it out and vent!

We wipe butts, clean up puke, baby the sick, and countless other horribly difficult parental tasks; but when it is all said and done and you are watching your child grow and play we are still happy they are ours. Now that my children are getting older and not needing me as much I miss those horribly messy times when they needed me. Now they just yell at me, because don’t you know they can do it by themselves not.

I just want to scream at them and remind them of all those times I helped them and sometimes I just need them to let me in. Let me stay here a little longer. Let me enjoy you for another time or two! Seriously we complain and vent about all the parenting crap, but in reality when it is over we are going to miss it more than we know!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to my new site.”

  1. I recently started realizing that I need to cherish these “annoying moments” while I can. Now that my son is getting older he Is starting not to need me for every single thing and I’m like awwwww man I’m gonna miss this!


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