A Proud Parent Blinded By Their Pride

Are you a proud parent of an amazing little guy or girls? I am a very proud parent, but a few weeks ago I witnessed first hand the blindness caused by a different type of proud parent, and I was saddened by the results. I have been a SAHM for about 4 years now and my husband works his butt off for me to stay home and attend college online. It is a lot of work, but with only one income we live a lot different than most. We budget and save anyway we can, but our children always come first (as well as the bills…lol). We don’t often get to do a lot of things that we would like to simply because we cannot afford it. So I am the Pinterest loving mother who finds an alternative to every adventure that will save us money.
The best part is that our children are happy and well that is what matter right! If we do go on an adventure there are times when it takes us a while to save before we get to, but that is just life for us. We are not upset by it, we are not begging people to feel sorry for us! We are not afraid to say that there are times when we need help, but if we can get by on our own we do just that. Most of all we do not live outside of our means, and try to paint an image that we are something we are not.
So now that you have an image of who I am and why this bothers me so much let me tell you about my experience. A few weeks ago we woke up to snow, so it was a scamper to find winter clothing; boots, gloves, and hats. Well by the time we needed to leave two of my three girls did not have gloves, because they were lost sometime between last year and this year. We were running late so the girls had to go to school without them. While there I asked the office secretary what time the first recess was, so I could go home and cut up an old something to make them some mittens. She gave me the oddest look when I told her why I needed to know, but I turned around and went on my way.
When I got home I had to pull out all of our sewing stuff, which was not easy to get to, and get started. I had found an old fuzzy pink blanket, that no longer gets used, and began drawing out my design. I had a little trouble with the sewing machine, so I was only able to get one pair done in time for recess. Luckily my youngest daughter was able to borrow her baby brothers mittens. So I returned to the school to deliver the girls their gloves. As I walked in I got to see all the kids getting into their winter gear. To my surprise, because of my panic to get our kids everything for playing out, my daughter was one of few that actually had what they needed.
Now some may have just not included their stuff for the day, but should have, because seriously your child is going to be out in the cold and snow! Why are they not prepared? I am not saying that everyone needs to be scolded and needs to be embarrassed that this has happened, but this is where I think a lot of peoples pride blinds their judgement. When I was at the school before winter started there was a note in the office letting people know that if your child needs anything for winter to let them know and they will help. Now not all parent go in the office to read, so the school has also sent this home for parents, so why not let them know?
Is it because you would be embarrassed for others to see that you need a little help? Maybe it is because there was another parent in the office, who you knew was well off, and you didn’t want them to witness you in need? Are you afraid of seeing the look of disgust, because you asked for help!? Guess what they are not going to judge the fact that you child needs something, and you are not able to provide it at this time. They will probably respect that fact that you are making sure that your child is warm, even though it took everything your had to walk up and ask!
So if you are that parent that did not ask, what are you going to do? Now your child is standing on the playground cold and miserable! Picture it for a second if you would. Now how did that image in your head make you feel? So why would you not let the office know you needed help? Not only can the school help, but there are usually programs at the Fire Stations everywhere that can help! So contact them do not make your child suffer so that you can uphold a certain image.
I wish I could hand a warm coat and other winter necessities to all the children that need. I wish I could just take a visit to not only our school but surrounding school and talk with the teachers about which children are in need of anything. When I say anything I mean not only winter stuff, but also clothing, shoes, school supplies, or even a warm meal. I wish there was something that I could do to help more! Since there is not much I can do for those children I have been thinking about providing a list of services that parents can take advantage of, and asking for it to go in the weekly envelopes.
So I beg of you all please do not let your pride get in the way of making sure your family is safe, warm, fed, or properly clothed. There are so many resources out there if you just step up and ask! Do not be embarrassed or ashamed, life happens! Do not let your family be left behind because you couldn’t such it up and do what needed to be done at that particular time! We all need a little help sometimes, whether it be financially or emotionally and it is okay to admit it!

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