How to Save on Halloween Costumes

So every year we try to save money on costumes and this year I think is our record saving year! When I look at the prices of these cheaply made costume it makes my stomach churn. We have four little ones and the cost of buying new costumes would be about $100-$150! WTH! That is ridiculous for an outfit they will wear one time and then it will become part of the dress up box. So a couple years ago we started making their costume which cut our bill in half, but that wasn’t good enough! So over the past year I have keep all stained and ruined clothes, and have also keep odds and ends craft stuff! This year our bill for costumes was $17 for four kids!!


For my oldest daughter, who wanted to be a garden fairy, we had a dress from her aunties wedding and we redesigned it with some flower (which cost me $7). Then dad had some copper wire in the shed so he made up the shape of her headband and wings. So that was just $7 for an entire fairy costume, which is almost done and already looks amazing!

Now for our second daughter, she is a batman fanatic so she already had the shirt, the mask, and the boots! So I took an old pillowcase, and a pair of jeans, ripped them up and designed a cute little skirt. so her costume did not cost me a penny, just a little time and hot glue burns…lol

Our third daughter is a paw patrol fan, and this year she wanted to be Marshall. Marshall is the fire pup, now her costume was the most expensive at 8 dollars for materials (tulle and felt sheets). We already had a fire hat so we used that with a tutu, then we just have to pull a red shirt from the closet and she is all set!

Our son was easy and only cost us $2 for the hair color spray and some face paint! The easy part is he is not old enough to decide what he wants to be so we just looked at what we had, to see what we could come up with. Well last year his Joker outfit was super big, and he didn’t really get to trick or treat due to it being super cold and he was still very little. So he is going to re-use his costume from last year! We had the green vest and purple shirt, and he has black slacks in his drawer!

The best part about making our own costumes is the kids getting to choose what they want to be. Now if we went costume shopping they would just look for the cutest costume, which means it would be the most expensive…lol So with our method they get to be anything they want! Everyone will save different things so not everyone will have exactly what they need, but seriously go to second hand stores and you can find things really cheap!

Even if you do not sew or are not the craftiest, pull out the glue gun and let the kids join in and help you design while you do the gluing! They will love it and it could be a great bonding moment for you. Our oldest mentioned that she loves the fact that no one will ever have the same costume as her. Apparently, there are a lot of kids that end up with the same costumes at school, but not her and her sisters, because they are homemade from our own designs.

I watched a news report a few weeks ago on television and they said that 3.4 billion dollars was forecasted to be spent on halloween in the US this year! That is a lot of money for costumes and decorations that we could make at home on our own. I know not everyone is crafty, but serious that is what Pinterest is for. There are so many super easy DIY projects for everyone to try!

12 thoughts on “How to Save on Halloween Costumes”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I am not very crafty, and costumes can be a bit pricey. Letting the kids help in making their costumes seems like fun! Will try it.


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