Becoming Someones Mother

Are you expecting or have you recently given birth to a beautiful little boy/girl? Either way good for you and good luck. Becoming a parent takes a toll, but it is a toll that you will be glad you paid as you watch that beautiful baby bloom into an amazing person. Watching our little ones grow has really got me all sappy lately, because I have discovered a new liking to blogging. With blogging comes photos, and I have been looking at old photos for days now.
When I think back to the day we found out we were going to be parents it is kind of a blur, but I still remember the emotions that took over when I looked at that pee stick. It was a little overwhelming after it really set it. I didn’t know if I was ready to be somebodies mother. Do you have any idea what that means? Do you know what a mom does and what will be needed from you to make that babies life amazing? What if I was a horrible mother and my child hated me, or didn’t respect me, because I wasn’t the mother they wanted?
Well guess what I was fine and now I am a mother of four amazing children, and they are total nightmares at times! Not because of our lack of parenting, but because since becoming a mother I have learned that children are challenging. Even the supermom at the store, that looks like she has it all figured out, is still learning and being challenged by her children day in and day out. Trust me she may look like she has this mom shit down, but guess what inside she wants to
So step away from the parenting books and take a breath! I am not saying don’t read them, because I do think there is a lot of great information in them. I am just simply saying stop trying to study for an exam that there is no right study guide for. Take it all in slowly and a little at a time. This is not a time crunch to know everything right now. Being a parent is a learning experience that will start the day you find out your are expecting until the end of you time!
I recommend checking out all those blogging moms. Even before I began writing I enjoyed getting on the computer and finding blogs about real moms and their parenting. I was so relieved to see that I was not the only one out there freaking out! There were moms just like me wondering what we were doing wrong, when there was not anything wrong. It was great to read a post and be able to say “OMG I am not the only one!!”
I sometimes think that is where so many people do go wrong though is comparing yourself to supermoms. Which by the way most of those supermoms you see on FaceBook are what I like to call “Social Moms”. Which is where they fake a perfect parenting plan and life to trick you into thinking they are better. When really they are not, but it makes them feel good to make you envy them and their fake life they portray on the internet.
A mother is a very special person in a child’s life and you should not take it lightly, but you should also not be stressing. I know it sounds crazy, but it is still the advice I give to everyone with those parenting jitters, but when that baby arrives you will figure it all out. You can prepare all you want but life opens a door you didn’t even know existed when that beautiful baby takes their first peek into the world. It is a door that is holding back everything you need to be that parent you want to be. It is not perfect and everything is a little fuzzy, but that is because life doesn’t want to over whelm you.
As your baby grows everything will become clear in time, because like I said parenting is a learning experience and you will be learning as fast as they are. You can read book after book, but they will not have all the answers. A majority of lessons learned in parenting are learned through trial and error of what works for you and your family. Do not parent a way just because you saw it work wonders for a friend or what have you. Chances are you will not get the same results and will just be wasting your time. You need to find your way and make it work.

10 thoughts on “Becoming Someones Mother”

  1. Awwe what a sweet post! I have only one kids and I am already exhausted and you have 4!💪🏻
    We have only one chance to make it right with our daughter so we try to give her as much time as possible thats the best gift a parent can give because it seems as we never have time!


  2. Yes thank you…lol I just try to remind moms every now and then of this so they remember they are amazing! Every mom has her own special power and that is what matters. No two moms are the same and they shouldn't be because not two kids are the same!


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