The Next 5 Steps to Being a Budgeting Mommy!!

Moms are not the only ones intimidated by the word BUDGET. When people hear the word budget they associate it with math and school. Guess what it does not take a genius to do it. So I hope you read my previous post 5 Simple Steps to Start Being a Budgeting Mommy!, to get you budgeting. That was my sweet and simple directions for beginners, but now I want to tell you how we take that to the next level!!
Lets talk organization!! The most important part to my budgeting system and life is organization. Sometimes I wonder if I take it too far, but then I realized there is no such thing as being over organized. Especially when we need an old bill receipt, or an old pay stub…cause guess what I know right where it is!!

Now here are you next 5 steps Moms!! You can do it!!

Get a Box Folder

Step one is to go to the store, and find the office supplies section. Now look for a filing box that is easy to take out. I never get the same one so whatever you would like is fine really, just be sure it has lots of space! Below is a photo of the box I got this year, because they did not carry the one I got the previous year. 

Fill out Labels

Inside the folder you will see the labeling tabs sticking up now you will take a sharpie and you will start with a Section for empty Budget Sheets, next is Pay Stubs, next I usually do two sections for receipts (which I personally copy as many as I can on a page and toss the originals after a month or two because their ink wears of quickly; then after that I make a section for every month of the year followed by an open slot for our taxes. 
Also as a Side note on your budget sheets I file everything by month, so that means more than one budget sheet will go into the month file; because you should be doing one for every pay period!! 

File Necessary Paper

Now is the time consuming part, and that is putting everything in its place. If you start right at the beginning of the year it will not be time consuming. You will just be getting prepared if you start at the right time. If it is not the beginning of there year and you do not have everything together just file what you have or just start from whatever month it is! Another step to ad for the b

Pull out on Pay Day and Keep Updated

I like to keep my folder at my computer desk, because that is where I sit to take care of my bills and planning. Since it is already here I pull out my budget sheet and get everything started. I will also place my pay stub into the folder so I do not misplace it. It really is that simple to get started!
Now I can take my budget sheet to town and run all my errands (which doesn’t always happen in one day), then when I return home I can go back to my desk and put in all of my receipts for the day and make sure to update my budget sheet. Also with this I would like you to start stapling bill receipts to your budget sheet! If I was unable to finish it all in one day I like to place everything in the very front section, so I can come back to it when necessary and take care of it.

Never Throw These Out

Now when the year ends and you are done with filing everything DO NOT THROW OUT. Put it somewhere out of the way, but not impossible to get to. On January 1st of the next year go find yourself another folder to start all over, and when you file your taxes be sure to go back to the previous folder and place those in the back of it. Trust me you will be thankful later!!
So moms keep up the good work and I promise you will love me next time you need to look for an old receipt or what ever financial paper it may be. Trust me these systems are worth your time. Setting them up is the most time consuming, but once you get rolling it is so simple and easy. You do not have to be a genius to budget your families finances.

8 thoughts on “The Next 5 Steps to Being a Budgeting Mommy!!”

  1. I use to be the same way! It takes a lot of work out of finding things with the box folders trust me! Also getting it all set up takes a while, but once you have a system that works it is not hard at all.


  2. I needed this post, my budgeting skills are not so wonderful and with all our summer trips we've really fallen off the wagon when it comes to savings! Time to settle down and start saving again


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