Keeping Up with These Sprouts!

Why do our little ones have to grow like weeds? I go to the store or hop online and I find that perfect little outfit and it fits them perfectly…for a week! Ugh the frustration takes over and I just want to buy the same outfit in a bigger size, but what is the point?

I hate shopping and hate having to buy clothes to big, because they look ridiculous for a month then fit for a week, then BOOM their shirts are too tight and their pants are too short. Time to put it in a capsule to move on to the next sister or one of the local churches. Now we are back to shopping again!
I cannot believe how much money we have spent on clothes for our kids, and do not get me started on school clothes! That is a whole other story, and not a pretty one at that! I like my kids to look cute, but I also want them to be comfortable. I am not a materialistic, name brand needing mom, but my kids do need to be presentable. I refuse to let my children look like they are homeless (if they do I will not take them out in public…lol)

So my mission lately is to find a solution to this problem of keeping my children from running around looking like they are waiting for a flood, or wearing their brother’s shirts! I am exploring different clothing companies delivering clothes monthly as well as thrift shopping (which can be more expensive that purchasing brand new).
I have tried online yard sale sights, but have had too many bad experiences of getting ripped off, so that ship has sailed. We do have a few churches that do free clothing give aways from donations they receive, but we are not in need like most so I will not take something someone else needs. I am not saying I would never use them, because there was a time when I didn’t have a choice, but to take advantage of their kindness to make sure my child had what they needed!
I have been doing research lately about these clothing places online, and some offer memberships. I use to be weary of those types of sites, but after some research and calculating I would actually save money! It is shopping I know I will be doing anyway, because the kids are not going to stop growing. Why not give it a try?
I am so excited to try these companies out and I will be updating everyone when I decide where to start and what works best. Oh and also the best choice for a mommy who wants to save, but keep their kiddo styling. Finally going to get with the times and give the new options for parents a try!! If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below or email me anytime!!

10 thoughts on “Keeping Up with These Sprouts!”

  1. Aww you have such cute kiddos! I am due to be a mommy any day now and the thought of kids growing out of their clothes quickly never crossed my mind. Something I know to be weary of in the future. Thanks for sharing, this will be helpful later on!


  2. Your kids are adorable! And you're right, keeping them in threads can cost a fortune! Have you tried children's resale events? If you have one in your area, I def recommend – it's where I get almost all my kids' stuff! Check to find a sale near you 🙂


  3. You are so welcome. They do go through clothes so fast so don't go too crazy with the tiny clothes cause they double size overnight I swear…lol Good luck being a mommy!! It is the best thing that ever happened to me!


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