Overwhelmed Momma!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your life or job? I know I do, so I wanted to share with you a few reminders to help ease your mind, and let you know you are not alone. These are not fixes to avoid, or take away the overwhelming feeling, because I am pretty sure there is not a way to do so. If there is I have not found one that actually works. Everyone has a breaking point!!

I have been staying home with my children for four years now, and let me tell you it is not an easy task. I felt so overwhelmed in the beginning, because I was used to being away from home! Kids are no easy task, and lets be honest you cannot expect your children to be perfectly behaved 24/7. Children are an unpredictable ball of question. You never know when that ball is going to pop, roll around, or simply be kicked right in your face..lol
Seriously though who is with me? I have my moments where I am on top of the world and I have this mom thing down. Yet other times I have this lost feeling of having no idea what I am doing, and how I am going to get everything done? Take a chill pill!! Yea if only there was a chill pill, but in this world there is not and when I get overwhelmed (deep breath)….I break down a little and shove it down, or move on.
The problem is once I have shoved so much crap down it all comes out at once, and it is not pretty. I am a baby and I will not freak out or have a raging fit, but I will break down and cry. I usually use the excuse of I have to poop, or I have to shower. That is my mom code of I am going to go break down while you guys give me some space! Even with my kids yelling through the door I zone into a place of dark ugly thoughts. I feel empty yet full at the same time. I ask where I went wrong, or what I am doing wrong. I know it is nothing, but it doesn’t mean I don’t wonder those things when I go to this place!
I see so many mom’s that are just making these schedules and making nice little play dates; and wonder to myself where do they find the time, or do they have like a stunt double that helps them through their day!? Crazy right!?
When I get ready to walk out of the room I have chosen to release my pain, I take a deep breath and smile. In my heart I know that I am still a little sad or bothered, but I also know those little faces are out there waiting for mom! It makes all the difference in the world as to the look on my face when I enter their presence, and in that one moment I realize that..I am one of those moms. 
I know out there somewhere is someone wondering how the hell I do it, and envying my well organized life! I know this because they have said, but I overlooked the compliment! So why am I going to this dark place, and why am I questioning myself. I am better than that, and I know it is just a little fit! Yet it still gets me from time to time, and I am absolutely devastated when it does.

I know just about everyone visits this place from time to time; but my question is why and what gets us there? The answer I have come to find every time is LIFE! Life gets tough and sometimes it is good to breakdown and cry it out! We are not the person we are in that dark place, but a visit there is a reminder that we are just people and we are not invincible. We are not superheros, but we are human.

Next time you feel yourself questioning your worth or what have you, ask yourself…

What brought me to this point

What happened or what was said that made you break down? Did someone say something that hurt your feelings, or did you simply just not get your way? In order to understand what is going on you need to ask yourself what the trigger was.

Who has brought me to this point

Has there been a tragedy or a life changing event recently? Sometimes it can be a bunch of little things that are just adding up. Don’t be afraid to admit if it was your own fault!! Did you simply not communicate something with someone and now you are paying for it.? Honesty and openness is key to any relationship, even with yourself. Do not lie to yourself to make yourself feel better!!

Where will I go now

Now you can catch your breath and thing beyond this moment. Am I going to be okay? Is there someone that I need to talk to? Sometimes for me I just need sometime with my babies to remind me that I am a good mother and I am doing a better job than I give myself credit for!

What has this taught me

So the biggest thing is what did this open your eyes to and how are you going to deal with the situation? Was it your own doing and you just need to move on, or was it the doing of others and you need to voice your opinion? 
Now take those answers and get on with your life! Do what makes you happy and keep living, without looking back. There is no need to hide from that dark place, just don’t forget to come back out. We are all our own worst enemy and we all have our demons, but the truth of the matter is you will go further, and be better using these as a REASON rather than an EXCUSE. Make them the your reason to be better, and not the excuse to be a rotten piece of crap!

7 thoughts on “Overwhelmed Momma!”

  1. I really like your questions for thinking through “what brought me to this point,” Ran. So many times when I've been at “that place,” I have to stop and think through something like this, and then I usually realize a) I'm exhausted, b) I'm ravenous, and/or c) both! (I also love your “mommy needs to go poop/shower” – I should totally try this sometime!)


  2. I can feel you on this! I am a new stay-at-home mom and it gets overwhelming at times. Luckily, before my decision to stay home, I was a full-time preschool teacher and I've had training on how to handle certain situations and I use those same tactics with my children. At the same time, you can't predict what the day will give you, so it is important to chill out sometimes. I'm learning that it's ok to have some space during the day and to take a breather.


  3. I'm right there with you! There have been times when I have just cried for a few minutes (cuz that's all i'm allowed apparently and then they find me) and i have to take a few deep breaths and then remember to be grateful — because I am. I am very lucky to be able to stay home with my kids. Often that is enough to get through whatever is going on. I too, like the questions you ask yourself.


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