Amazon Mom!

When you have a holiday approaching, or a birthday, do you go to the store to do your shopping? Or do you hop online and make your wishlist? I am an amazon mom all the way. I created an Amazon Prime account for our family about 5 years ago, and I love it. I save so much money around the holidays!  I Just build my wishlist and amazon sends me notifications when my items reach a lower price.
I usually take the time about two months, sometimes longer so I know I am getting my item for the best price. Yes I do still shop other places as well, because well lets be honest Amazon doesn’t always have the lower price. I still will put items in my list so that way I know I am getting the better end of the deal. I save time and money shopping for the holidays and well as a family of 6 living off one income we can use all that we can SAVE!!
The even better thing as a money saving mom is you can use coupons. The have a section of manufacturers coupons that you can use when you shop. Oh and don’t even get me started on the daily deals as well as Prime Day! Seriously take a look and think about it. You are buying things you would normally have to go to the store for and they are delivered right to your door.
For me as a mom it has been a dream come true…lol Seriously when I can take a trip of 5 stops and countless shopping and cut it down to one stop and a few items count me in! Especially when I have to take four little bodies on my shopping trips. After the first stop they are restless and then I have to take them out to eat, because we live out of town. Now if it is one stop we can make it until we get home to eat, go potty, and get a drink!
Amazon has been our saving grace for Christmas as well, because we avoid all the crowds and they have some of the most amazing deals during the holidays. The best part is no holiday crowd or long wait in line! We get in our wish list (which is prepared in advance) and order things as they go on sale or as we have the money. It keeps us from waiting until the last minute and the kids get a lot more for less!
So moms seriously they have a free trial for prime, and the perks you get with prime are to die for. You get so much with prime, plus to get a free trial; how can you pass that up. I know you will love and I know you will thank me for pushing you to check it out. There is so much great buys on amazon, and they even have great homemade products. Oh I forgot about the prime pantry where you can buy groceries!!
The most amazing thing about the prime pantry is if your are ahead on your shopping and you choose the slowest shipping when you check out you get free money to shop prime pantry products. Who doesn’t love free anything? I know free food in our family is a gift in itself so I take full advantage of that when I do not need the product I am ordering right away. On the other hand if you do need that product right away you receive free 2-day shipping with Prime!
Call me lazy, but if someone will deliver my everyday essentials and I can sit at home in my jammies and hang out with my kids, I am all over it! I have very little time as it is to get things done and when it comes to shopping you can never even try to plan it out and estimate when you will be done and back home. Anything could happen, plus the amount of time you spend getting your children and extra crap ready and in the car! Ugh! Just bring me my laptop…lol
I would recommend doing your free trial and take a look at all the back to school deals for all those little ones need before class begins. They have some really great deals and their platform makes it easy to search and find products you need. Plus they compare prices for you from different places that market through them. Now you just choose what you want to pay and BOOM!! You are done!
So there you have from one mom to another! Try out Amazon Prime and let me know what you think!! There is so much more to share and so many great reasons to use Prime when shopping, but do not want to overwhelm you with information!!

12 thoughts on “Amazon Mom!”

  1. Amazon Prime is the best! Could not agree more. Having Christmas gifts shipped to your door is so much easier than going shopping on the busiest shopping days. With 2 kids in diapers, I also use Amazon to stock up and save on diapers and wipes.


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