Kicking and Screaming!!

I recently read a post about what type of person you are, by whether you see the glass as half full, or half empty. Well all I have to say to that is I am indifferent, because if my glass is half anything…its because one of my kids drank it. Life changes so much when you have children, like your image of children. Before having my own children I did not see what the big deal was about keeping your kid/kids under control. I mean come on you have like your own little army of brats that do as you say.
Guess what?!! I learned really quick that I was WAY off! Don’t get me wrong they are an army, but not my army. They are the enemy troops out to destroy our home and push me over the edge. I fear for my sanity, and the memory of what our floor looks like. They do not have firing power, but have you ever stepped on a lego. It is like stepping on a shark with its mouth wide open. Good Lord why do legos have to be so awesome to play with.
So momma are you winning your war, or are you just reloading your ammo. I know people say routines will help make life with your children easier. Well give me the magical routine to wrangle these crazy turds and I will worship you forever. I have read so many blogs, and tried so many different organizational charts, routines, and art projects to calm our home. There is no calm or quiet! For crying out loud each of them either talks or snores in there sleep so its noisy all the time.
Just so I can clarify, incase I sound like I am complaining, I am not. I would not give up those turds for any robot child ever. No child should be perfect, clean, or well behaved all the time. As long as they have their hit and miss moments I am chalking that up as a WIN. This momma is tired, and needs energy all the time!
So what if I am screaming and wanting to pull my hair out its my own fault…lol I wanted to have kids, because everyone made it look so much fun. They all had an excuse to play with toys, watch kid movie, oh and don’t forget the kiddy rides at the fair! When you are grown with no kids people won’t hang out with you, but its dumb because I know they want to!!
The reason I have learned to enjoy and joke about the tantrums, the fighting, the arguing, and the downright rebellious nature of my children is because one day I am going to miss it. One day our little girls will be too girly to look for bugs under all the rocks, and our little boy will be chasing girls. I just remind myself that even though I want to push down the next child that moms me…I won’t and not because its against the law…lol But because one day they will grow, and try to shut us out.
What will life be like without the crazy everyday war that goes on in our house? Who will bother me every time I get comfortable? Last but not least who will leave my glass half empty? I know one day there will be grand babies, but I also know it will not be the same.
One thing I would like to point out for those who are not mom bloggers. We are not complaining when we talk about the mishaps with our children we are merely venting to those who understand. Our blogs are our outlets, and well I love all the mom bloggers who share their true life and make me feel like I am doing this right.
We use to feel like we were not doing enough, and we were worried our children were missing out. We are not perfect, and we do not have a lot of money, but we came to realize our children did not care. Our children were not judging us or comparing us to other parents…we were doing it to ourselves. Now that I have met other bloggers and read their stories I know we are doing it all right!
Parents let us be ourselves, do not compare your parenting to others. If you see those sweet parents that use their nice little voice in public, Its because they lost their voice screaming at their children on the way to the store or what have you…lol Love the time with your children while they still need you every second of everyday!!

23 thoughts on “Kicking and Screaming!!”

  1. “Parents let us be ourselves, do not compare your parenting to others.” This line speaks to my heart. I feel that I am constantly comparing myself to others. Why are my children not as well behaved as others, am I a good mom like so-and-so and how can she do it and has 4 kids and I only have 2 and cant get out of the bed in the morning.
    Thank you for that reminder that we are who we are and we are doing the best that we can.


  2. I love this post. The first thing about being a parent, is knowing your children! Some tips that work for others, may not work for everyone else. You're doing your best and that's all that matters!


  3. We are in the thick of the crazy too – and yes, it's always LOUD! It's wonderful and insane all at the same time – and that's totally okay ๐Ÿ™‚ They can make you more nuts than you knew was possible and still fill you with more love than you knew possible too!


  4. Nice post! Love it when you say “I am indifferent, because if my glass is half anything…its because one of my kids drank it.” I feel you! You are so right in deciding to embrace the chaos. They will only be little for so long!


  5. My parenting style can be so unconventional at times so you're so right about not comparing ourselves to other parents. If we do that, I'll always be on the losing end in my eyes.


  6. Completely agree that mom blogs are more about venting than complaining! Also not comparing ourselves to other parents goes a long way. We really don't know what they are going through.


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