Inspirational Children!

Does you child have a desire to be something important when they grow up? Do you carry on the tradition of letting you children know they can be whatever they want to be? It is a beautiful thing and it really is the best gift you can give to a child at a young age. Their imagination is beyond anything you or I could imagine, and who knows what they will achieve with the right inspiration and help along the way.

When our oldest daughter told us she wanted to be a veterinarian, and she wanted to help animals. We first just said great, you can do it babe! Well then she took an interest in all living things from animals to insects. She was bringing home scientific animal books from the library, and she was catching bugs to study them in a section of the yard she blocked off. We were not aware of it at the time until her father asked her what she was doing, and she was building a bug lab. 

So dad went out and helped her build some sturdier walls to keep her brother and sisters out of her stuff. She began gathering jars, rocks, stick, grass, and mud to build a place to keep her bugs. She wanted to care for them and she asked us what she should feed them, because she did not want them to die. That is when dad realized she needed to know a little more about which bugs she could touch, and which ones to just observe. So she now only catches the ones she knows and if she doesn’t know what they are she puts them in a jar and looks them up in her bug encyclopedia, or she will ask her daddy when he gets home.

My hubby is so in love with her interest in bugs, because as a little boy he was intrigued by insects and bugs. He realized that his daughter was following in his tiny little foot steps from childhood, and he took that as a sign. He took that and gave her the lessons he learned, and helped her pursue what he was not able to. He was not given the opportunity to have an adult help him learn more, and encourage him to take that interest and run with it. Thank goodness for him, because mom is not a bug lover…lol

We later negotiated with her and decided to build a worm farm and let the other bugs go. So she still continues to catch all different kinds to draw and write about in her journal, but the worms were keepers. She now has a very successful worm farm, and she takes amazing care of them. She goes out every morning to check on them and make sure their dirt is moist and she digs down to make sure they are okay. She has a container of food for them in the freezer and they are fed regularly.

It is beautiful to me that our daughter has taken these bugs and treated them so well. I am not a bug person and I will not touch them, but she looked beyond their creepy crawly nature. She wants to know them, and wants to know all there is to know about them. She has taken her interest to a whole new level with her bug lab, and we enjoy watching her lean. We also enjoy learning with her. She has taught her father and I so much about bugs, and for that I am thankful.

She has even recently taken a liking to plants realizing they are a living thing. She really has a green thumb too. Dad is a tree lover and he has been cloning trees, and experimenting. So he gave her a clone and told her to put it in some water and the keep it moist. Fully not expecting it she successfully cloned her own tree and it is already trying to throw new branches. She did that all on her own she watched what dad did asked him a few questions and took amazing care of her tree. Now it is in some soil and growing like crazy. Now we can put it in the yard and she can watch it grow! She will always remember her first tree she cloned when she goes out into the yard to play!!

She has brought so much joy to our lives since the day we found out we were going to be parents, and she amazes us everyday with her inquisitive nature. She has taken it upon herself to also teach her siblings and now they have all found something they can do together. So as soon as they head outside to play you will find them in the shade with a container for their bugs. She has found something so small to enjoy with her brother and sisters, and I don’t think she realizes how much she really inspires us all. She really is the best big sister ever!

She our my little hero! I want her to stay little, but at the same time I cannot wait to see her grow, because I know she will do something important someday. I know all parents want that for their children and we all brag our children up, but this little girls is something special and we are so blessed she is ours!!

14 thoughts on “Inspirational Children!”

  1. Both of my children inspire me every day with their sheer determination to overcome all the obstacles that they face! My daughter loves learning and is constantly researching or reading.


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