The Circle of Parenting.

Do you have privacy issues? Do you find it hard to go anywhere or do anything with a toddler? They have to know what you are doing and why you are doing it, right? I am lucky if I get to go to the bathroom alone, and even if I do slip away to take care of business within seconds I hear little pitter patters coming down the hall. I love my children with all my heart but there are times when I wish they would just back off!!
I walk in the kitchen to get a drink, and before I even put the cup to my mouth I have a little body staring at my cup like they are dying of thirst. Or if I make myself something to ear, no matter if I already fed them, they are staring at my plate like they never ate before. My biggest pet peeve that I get on my children about is when I brush my hair, or change my clothes automatically get bombarded with “Where are you going?”. Well my child I am running far far away, and no you may not go; I am going to leave you home all alone!!

Funny thing is every time I say it they panic, like I have ever left them. I take my children everywhere, and as much as they drive me crazy I wouldn’t have it any other way. These crazy adventures shopping, to the park, out to eat, or just for a drive are great. I may complain a little because they fought the whole time, or screamed the whole time, but really deep down I didn’t hate it. 

In a few years when they are old enough to stay home alone or be watched by their big sister, they will chose home over going with me. They will one day have friends that are way cooler than their mother. So I am taking advantage of all the time I can now! No matter how crabby and tired they get every trip holds a precious memory of something they said, or something they did. Whether good or bad I am so glad I get to be there to witness those memories. 
I know it will not last forever, and I love my children so much! I know one day they will be in my shoes with the privacy issues, and I will be the one at their bedroom door wanting in! I will be wanting to know where they are going and what they are doing! I will also want to know exactly what is going on in their lives…Just like they did to me! I will be invading their privacy, just in a different sort of many, but basically the same as they are doing to me now.

That is why I need to not get so frustrated, although it can be hard, but what is it going to be like when they are older! They won’t be calling me down the hall, or peeking under my door, and they will not want to be with me 24/7! It sounds like a dream come true right now, but I doubt that is how I will feel when the time comes.

Every year they get a little bit older, 
a little bit wiser, 
and a little more independent. 
The years will keep passing, 
and they will keep growing further, and further away. 
I wish I could just slow the time, 
and enjoy them a little bit longer.
I know I have to let them go,
but why is it coming so soon.
I will always be watching,
and wondering where they are
I hope they will keep loving me,
and also let me think they still need me.
A child is a blessing no words can explain
So don’t take them for granted,
and keep them close while you can.
From the outside looking in we all judge way too much. It is not about how we raise our children, it is about what we all take from it. Not just that parents, but more importantly the children. What have you taught them? What have you shared with the? Have you shared precious moments together? Never lose sight of how important you are to your children. You are as important to them as they are to you, and one day you will complete the circle of parenting, and will be on the other side of the door wanting in. Do not shut them out, so hopefully when the day comes they won’t shut you out either.

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