Adventure Time!

I have done it again! I took my children on a mini adventure, and looked like the crazy obsessed mom with my camera out running next to my kids wherever they went. My camera was clicking nearly non-stop. I never really realize how many people are staring as I do try to capture our day, but this time I stopped and took a look around. They were all staring right at us, but the best part is they were all smiling! I actually had one mother ask me if I was a photographer, I informed her I as just a proud mother capturing life’s moments!
When I returned home I took a few more pictures while our little boy helped dad work on his vehicle, and when I placed my memory card into my computer, later that night, I had taken over 1200 photos! I weeded out the blurry and crazy ones, and still ended up with 680 pictures of our day.

When we go on our adventures every stop we make the camera bag goes over my shoulder and out comes the camera. It is like a permanent attachment of the day. It gets heavy and can be a pain to carry, but it is so worth it! All those smiles and crazy faces they make, are were captured in a time capsule on my camera.

I usually share a few on social media, but other times I just put them on my computer and leave them be. It may seem like a lot of unnecessary photos now, but just think ten years down the road we will look back and giggle about mom chasing them around the park with her camera. You can not put a cap on how many photos is too many!
I see so many parents at the park with a perfectly good smart phone, camera included, but they are too busy texting or reading their news feed. I just want to scream at them and tell them to turn on their camera and snap a few photos of their child/children playing. Especially when they only have one child, and they have no one to play with. Following them taking photos would be fun for them, and will make for precious photos for you.

Call me judgmental, but I just think it is so important to capture them growing, because one day they will be off with friends too busy for you. Children are amazing, and they grow so fast, don’t forget to stop and soak it all in from time to time. Sometimes I think we all get caught up in our daily routine, and forget to appreciate these moments with our children.

My children get mad at me for taking pictures so much, but I just remind them that one day they will be grateful their mother was a photo taking fool.

12 thoughts on “Adventure Time!”

  1. I loved the pictures. I am sure Kids had an amazing time. I loved reading the post. We do take our kids for adventure zone here in India. The kids go crazy and they make mumma crazy. Lols.


  2. I do that all of the time! I love capturing moments, not just for my sake, but for theirs. Some days when we can't get outside of the house, we go through their pictures for hours at a time! I find it helps them become appreciative!


  3. You're so right about moms being lost in their phones instead of using them to take photos. Guilty as charged, although my daughter's 16 so I don't have quite as many magical moments to capture. Still, I do spend too much time head down (when I could be photographing the dog!). Thanks for this reminder!


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