Tech Time

Does your child have a tablet? Do you have a shared tablet for your family? Technology is viewed as being a bad thing for your child, but as long as it is controlled it is amazing. My children have learned so much from programs such as ABCMouse. I am a firm believer in children having tech time.
The biggest question I get from other parents is “Which tablet is best?” I always answer Amazon Kindle, only because that is what works best for my family. There are many options out there for new tech, but I have fallen in love with the controls and monitoring options I have on the kindles from my computer. I connect them to each other so they all have the same games, apps, and movies. I personally use it as a babysitter at times to get a minute of quiet. It doesn’t last but it is a nice way to quiet the house and get everybody calm so I can get things done.
With that being said all four of my children do have their own Kindle, and I have a curfew set to where they can only unlock it during certain hours. I also have parental controls so they cannot use social media, location services, videos (youtube or web, I do allow Netflix and Amazon Video), and I also  lock them from being able to download anything with out my permission. The key to keeping technology under control in your home is scheduling tech time and showing your children the importance of keeping their use under control. Do not give then free reign, and also do not let them play to close to bed time.
Technology is our future, and it is important to show your children how technology works. If you are not technologically intelligent, then maybe it is time to school yourself via youtube or what have you. You can do so much on the devices people buy their children, but it is vital that you research the capabilities these devices have. There are a number of horrible things that happen and it is all exposed on the internet!!
Do not give your child access to these videos and explicit content on the internet. Also check location services. Did you know a person could find your child by looking at their selfies on the internet. Each picture holds the location and time stamp information. Be careful of how much freedom you give them on their devices, also keep their use under control.
So basically in my opinion a tablet is not the devil, and it will not be a problem, unless you allow them the freedom of using it whenever and however they please. A tablet with the right programs and apps is a great device for children to learn and grow especially during the summer. Just don’t forget to be a parent and monitor the contents and controls of a tablet before handing it over to your child.

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