Children Are Growing Too Fast!

How old were you when you had to have the dreadful talk about your body and how it changes? Have you had to have the talk with your own child yet? I am quickly learning that in todays world with the internet and technology kids are learning about things at a much faster rate. Problem is they are also exploring things they should not be out of curiosity. Recently my 8 year old has been curious about things I thought we would never have to talk about until she was a teenager!!
Well the time has come, and she is hearing a lot of adult terms at school. So being curious she googled it, but I have parental controls (thank god); so that search did not turn up much, and what it dis scared her…lol Even so as a parent I was freaking out I wanted to scream at those kids she was learning this from. Only that was not the answer to what I needed to do. I knew that I needed to be here for her and let her know that it is okay to be curious especially when kids are talking about thing at school. I just told her no more googling, and from now on when she has questions to please come to me instead (still having trouble with how to answer some questions).
At first I thought she was way too young to be going through this, but after doing some research and reading about others going through this; I realized she is fine and this is a part of life. Curiosity in a child can be scary, but just make sure that you make them comfortable with coming to you instead of to the internet or their friends at school. Also do not lecture them about it just talk to them like you would another adult. It will show that you are there for them and that your will help them in the confusing time in their lives.
Also don’t come down to their level to be their friend, bring them up to your’s. What I mean is don’t be the cool parent acting like a kid and being immature, instead talk to you child like an adult and bring them to an adult level to connect with them on.
Raising children is hard, but watching them grow is even harder. So all we as parents can do is be there, and help them grow into beautiful people.

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