Parental Judgement

Do you feel like you let your self go when you became a parent? I see so many moms that have not lost their baby weight, don’t brush their hair, or never put on make up; but why do we call it letting ourselves go. It should be called… you know there shouldn’t be a name for it or a need to point it out. Some days I look horrible when I take the kids out and about, but after getting those four little bodies ready I am exhausted, or just plainly strapped for time. I know I am not the only one, but why do people have to look at me the way they do, I have four children to haul with me already the dirty looks and whispers are not needed.

I get comments about how many children I have, some rude, and some complimenting my taking them anywhere by myself. I do not feel I need praise. That is my obligation! I am a stay at home mom and that means doing my daily routine with my children, while my husband is at work. So for those working moms who think we stay at home moms are lazy bums follow me for a day and call me lazy I dare you…lol Do not get me wrong there are super moms out there I wish I could compare to , but I feel good about my parenting.

As parents let us help each other and build one another up, we get enough criticism elsewhere. For example breastfeeding moms are criticized for feeding in public, yet those who formula feed are looked down upon for not breast feeding. Make up our minds!!! It is a war that can never be won!! Another one that’s upsets me is C-section vs live birth; since when is getting cut open the easy way!!! I personally gave birth vaginally with all four children, and I command mommas who have to give birth via C-section. That has got to be horrific, and a painful recovery!! Growing that baby is the miracle, not the way they come out of your body, and not matter how your give birth we are all miracle workers!!

Start a parenting group or just start connecting with more moms from your child’s school or daycare. Lift them up, and share advice. Do not judge each other, but help each other survive another day caring for your little ones. If you don’t have time to meet and greet stay connected via email, phone, or social media. Every parent deserves support and thanks for what they do.

Parents are a presence in a child’s life that can never be replaced. 

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