Do You Struggle With Bedtime?

Do you struggle getting your children to go to bed at night? Do you have a bedtime routine? We have tried every routine and bed time fix, but it is a still NIGHTMARE. Well there are some nights when the kids just stay up so late that they basically just pass out when they hit the bed. The problem with late nights though, is no matter what time we put them to bed, they wake up too early. Correction, we have one early bird that makes just enough noise and fumbles around just enough to wake the others. The giggles last long enough for me to say good morning and walk out of sight. Before I even get all the way down the hallway the fight is on, and little voices are yelling across the house.
With some families routine is probably great, but we are obviously our own kind of family, and well it does not work. Routine in our life is almost impossible, we are lucky if we get anywhere on time. Parents who have the routine down and it works I am jealous. As soon as I mention anything pertaining to bed time there is a house wide panic, and everything hurts. Oh and everybody is thirsty, hungry, and has to poop at the same time. Once we finally get everyone laid down the first time it gets to the hard part.
They come out of their room one at a time and just stare at us as they walk by; like they are waiting for us to say something. The first time we usually just tell them get what you need and get your butt to bed. Now when it continues is when it gets very frustrating. How many drinks could a child take at bed time before they explode? As the night continues they come out again, and go by staring so we stand up and give the look. They panic and run back to bed like they are being chased by a zombie…lol
It doesn’t end there though, now we begin hearing giggling and toys hitting the wall. We repeatedly say good night and go to bed. It does nothing so I sneak to the door and peek in and oh boy do they jump and hit the bed fast. Ugh. Now we wait and sometime minutes later they are asleep, but sometimes it is an hour or two.
What are we doing wrong? Oh thats right..NOTHING. Parenting is not suppose to be routine and planned out to perfection. Parenting is an adventure, and there are a number of forks in the road. I may complain now about the obnoxious nature of bedtime, but someday we are going to miss this. We will miss the fighting, the picked scabs that need a bandaid, and the stares as they walk by us to go get a drink.
Oh and who could forget the conversations they don’t think we hear. For example the other day I told my younger girls to go take a nap, so my youngest daughter goes on to tell her sister she is so tired she could sleep like a kitten. She asked her sister, who is a batman fanatic, if she was going to sleep like Batman; her sisters response to that was “Batman NEVER sleeps”…LOL I tried to be serious and tell them to just get to sleep, but instead we sat and laughed about her craziness! Needless to say they did not nap and thats okay because we had a good laugh out of it and it will be something we will remember for a long time.

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