Our Journey of Chronic Childhood Migraines

Have you ever watched your child be in pain? Have you ever had your child look at you with those sad tired eyes wanting you to take away their pain, but you can’t, and doctors have no idea what is going on? My hubby and I are currently going on two years of watching our toddler go from this sassy little jumping bean to a couch potato that at times can’t even lift her head off her pillow. It all happened so fast and it has been a long road that still feels as if it will never end.
In the summer of 2015 we were out playing in the pool, and all of the sudden out of nowhere my daughter slumped over in her floaty and looked pale and as if she was going to pass out. Instantly I thought heat stroke, or something along those lines we proceeded into the house, and I gave her a snack and water. She would not eat but she took some water. She kept saying she wanted to go to bed. I was afraid to let her fall asleep so I called the doctor and they said to give her Motrin and continue hydrating her. The nurse proceeded to tell me the signs of a stroke and to bring her in if things got worse.
That was just the start of changing our normal everyday life. The migraines do not happen as often as they use to, but when they do they seem to grow in intensity every-time. I do understand others have it worse, and I am not here to be criticized by others with kids that are more ill. This is not a competition! I just want moms to know that you do what is best for your family, not what looks better on you new feed!
Before all of this I had pictures of all of our adventures, and all of our park trips. When I did not have them anymore and my pictures consisted of the kids at home all the time. I compared myself to others that were taking their kids to the water park, or on some great camping trip; and I hated that we were no longer able to do all of that because we were worried about something happening away from home. The reality of it is we still have no idea what is causing them or how much of anything she can handle. The one trigger we know of is too much time in the sun, and that has been hard, but we manage.
I have sucked it up and realized who cares that we are not out and adventuring like others, because we are home taking care of our children as needed. Now that it is two years later our adventures are back, but are fewer and farther between compared to before. I hope to be able to get her migraines under control enough to be able to start doing more adventures, but I do not want to over do it too soon.
We as parents need to do what is best for our children and family. Stop worrying about what is on your newsfeed, and what others are doing. Be the parent your child needs you to be, not the parent you think you need to be. Children are precious and deserve a home filled with love and happiness. Lets stop comparing ourselves to others, and stop putting each other down. Every parent is different, and that is the way it should be, because not all children have the same needs.
No matter the adventure big or small; to the park or the backyard make it count. Memories are a wonderful thing, and you can make beautiful memories with your family no matter where you are, as long as you are together and having fun. So take those videos and those photos, and one day your can look back and remember the day your child learned to ride a bike, started school, or graduated from high school. It is never too late to start making memories, and they could mean the world to so many some day.
Thanks again for reading!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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