How Do You Deal With a Tantrum?

So picture you are walking through the store and you hear a baby or small child throwing the tantrum of the century. What do you do? Do you walk by smiling because you understand or feel horrified for the parent/guardian; or maybe you rudely exclaim “if that was my child…” (pretty sure we all know the ending of that), or do you through a hissy fit like a child yourself and leave the store outraged by their savage like performance? 

I know everyone is different and whether they are parents or not they will give a different answer. I can honestly agree that I have felt them all at different stages in my life so do not be afraid to be honest. Before I was a parent I was the hissy fit type, but usually didn’t leave just rolled my eyes and avoided the commotion.

After having my three girls I was the jerk saying “if that was my child…” or “My child will never act like that!” My girls were angels in public, and still are. Not so much when at home, but I felt like a total supermom, because my kids were so well behaved. I could do all my shopping with all three no problem. Well no problem, minus the 50 potty breaks.
Well all that came to a brutal end when we decided to go for it and try for our boy! What do ya know we got what we wanted!! YAY! It was a dream and we felt like our family was complete and I already felt like super mom so this was going to be so easy! Especially because I was already supermom what could go wrong?

Boy was I wrong…so now I am the parent with the tantrum throwing toddler in my cart.  I can now say the tables have turned and karma has come around. So now I have felt that embarrassment in the store. I have fought back those tears of embarrassment as I picked up my child kicking and screaming and walked out of the store after hours of getting what I needed, just to push my cart to the side and leave with nothing. 

Now that I have had this happen, too many times to count I am working past it. My little guy can be trying, and now I get that it is not always parenting, and well there are just those kids in each family (in my opinion I do know others think differently). He is raised no different than the girls were but he likes to push my buttons. I have learned to ignore him and those around me, because I have been in all situations and well we will all get over it when we are done and gone.

I no longer leave when he throws a tantrum I just ignore him and tune him out (easier said than done at times), but I have to say it has not happened half as often. I am not saying take this advice and it will work miracles, because lets be honest what works for one mom hardly ever works for other moms. I will say take a breath and do not take parenting to heart. It is like going to school you will learn as the years go on and you will be fine.

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8 thoughts on “How Do You Deal With a Tantrum?”

  1. When I see a child having a tantrum in a store my heart always goes to the place that we do not know the situation… we have all been there at one time or another … shell


  2. Those tantrums are really scary, though I have not had a severe one at any store, but I really fear that I may have anytime. Its not just parenting, I've tried being so positive & understanding. I try to get him into the smallest of things to understand but still tantrums at public places may just happen.. They are kids, not so mature


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