Welcome to my blog please bare with me as I do some redesigning as well as ease back into full posting swing. I will have many changes happening to all of my social media and my blog. I have had some recent events that have led this momma into a whirlwind. Our lives have been changed forever by the sudden loss of our daddy. He was an amazing man who took amazing care of us and kept us safe. I am now in this parenting game with a different look at how I will be raising my children. I will have a new perspective on raising my children now that their father is no longer with us.

If you notice an absence anywhere in my posting please forgive me as we are grieving our loss and have not really gotten back on a routine with our lives. With children routine and familiarity are key, but right now with what has happened routine and familiarity are gonna take a while to find. I am so grateful for all of the family and friends that are here to help. Some might consider that they are a single parent, but with all the love an support I am currently getting I would never say I am a single parent. I am a mom with a new path and journey, but far from a single parent, because I have more than enough people willing to help on a dime.

I hope that my readers will continue to follow our journey as I believe my blog will be a great outlet for me in this very difficult time of our lives.



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